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Dr Andrew
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Dr. Andrew

Andrew Jenkinson is a Consultant in Bariatric (weight loss) & General Surgery at the prestigious University College London Hospital, part of UCL.

He qualified from Southampton Medical School & soon afterwards was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons. After completing a Master of Surgery thesis in Laparoscopic Surgery he moved to the Homerton Hospital in Hackney, helping to build it into the busiest bariatric unit in London. He has travelled the globe presenting his research & teaching bariatric surgery.

What Readers are Saying
  • consecteturadi


    Reading this book has made weight loss relatively easy for me where I was finding it impossible despite constant before. Do yourself a huge favour and BUY IT.
  • consecteturadi

    Joanna Blythman

    A refreshing antidote to junk public health diet advice. The current epidemic of obesity and diet-related disease is a legacy of catastrophic public health advice based on flimsy science. Dr Jenkinson takes-down this failed paradigm and replaces it with sensible, workable advice that reflects the sanity of new-wave nutrition thinking. Articulate, clear, a joy to read, this is a book that really needed written.
  • consecteturadi

    Janie Tranah

    I first went on a diet in the late 1970s when I was told that for my height I should be 8st 12lb. I was then 9st 3lb. If only I had said no I could have saved myself from a lifetime of yoyo dieting. In my sixties I found myself at 20st. Then Covid 19 hit us all and I put on nearly a stone in the first lock down. I began to panic. I knew that long term dieting didn't help but felt that I had no option....
BlogAn Essential Guidebook for Weight Control
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  • Sample Pages
    Sample Pages"
    Bariatric Surgery Outpatients Clinic, London, December 2012.Clinic K is where people come to discuss having their Stomach Removed
  • The Cholesterol Debate
    The Cholesterol Debate
    In the acknowledgments section of this book I could have added a statement: “This book would not have been possible without cholesterol”. But the cholesterol debate