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Over the last two decades leading London bariatric (weight loss) surgeon Dr Andrew Jenkinson has interviewed thousands of ‘failed dieters’ and noticed that their experience of weight control differs from conventional medical wisdom. Why can’t dieters maintain weight loss? Why do so many think their weight problems are inherited, or that they have sluggish metabolisms compared to others?

In Why We Eat (Too Much) Dr Jenkinson, combines case studies from his practice with the emerging new science of appetite (and metabolism) to explain why many of our preconceptions of weight control are floored... and why mainstream dietary advice is failing us. Drawing on evolutionary medicine, anthropology, the development of tasty Western food and the advent of government nutritional advice to uncover the true reasons for our escalating obesity crisis.

Whether you are a failed dieter, a confused doctor or just a fascinated observer this book offers a unique, uncompromising and practical guide to understanding, and controlling, human weight regulation.